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Jolyon Palmer

Former Formula 1 Racing Driver

I used the Horsham Sports Injury Clinic throughout my time in Formula 1. In what is a very  physically demanding sport, they ensured I was always in perfect condition every time I got  in the car. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work and continued support.

Horsham Hawks

Basketball Team

The staff at Horsham Sports Injury clinic have always provided first class care and attention  to detail. Several players from our basketball club have been treated for a variety of  conditions and in every case, starting from accurate initial diagnosis through to excellent  post injury rehabilitation strength and conditioning programmes, all players have made  great progress. We would highly recommend the clinic for all age groups and treatment  requirements.

Debby Lush

International Dressage Rider

As a professional horse rider I get my fair share of injuries. I first went to see Cheryl  suffering with whiplash, which other therapies had failed to sort out. Cheryl fixed me in a  short few sessions, and since then regular maintenance appointments keep my spine  supple and consequently less injury prone. I now highly recommend Cheryl and her team to  all my own clients.

Matt Whyman

Ultramarathon Runner

Whether it’s a pre-race tune up or treatment for an injury, I can always trust the Horsham  Sports Injury Clinic to deliver effective results. I first went to see them with a long-standing  back issue that they sorted in no time. Sometimes it hurts, but it works, and I can’t ask for  more than that.

Ali Bruce

Horsham Cycling

I started treatment with Horsham Sports Injury Clinic to remedy a shoulder injury sustained  whilst falling off a cycle. Everything eased up and my whole body became much more  supple. Cheryl expertly diagnosed the problem and advised a course of treatment. She is  also qualified to use ultra sound for muscle injuries. I now visit regularly for a sports  massage and always come back feeling great. It’s a great, friendly and professional  service. I would highly recommend Cheryl and the Horsham Sports Injury Clinic to anyone.

Becky Jennings

National 100m Hurdler

Over the last year I have been going to see the Horsham Sports Injury Clinic for treatment  to help sort out my injuries obtained from my sport. No matter which therapist I see, they  are always very thorough in assessing what may be the cause of my injury and extremely  knowledgeable about how to sort the issue and deciding the most suitable treatment. As an  athlete it is important for me to find someone who understands the nature of my sport and  help me get back to training in as little time as possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend  the Horsham Sports Injury Clinic to anyone.

Drew Taylor

Storror - Parkour Athlete

As a professional parkour athlete, I am always pushing my body to the absolute limits. It is crucial I have regular treatments in order to perform at my best. Horsham Sports Injury Clinic have time and time again been there to support me on the road to recovery and ensure my body is ready for the next challenge.

Vicki Ferretti

Hair Dresser & Runner

I have been using the Horsham Sports Injury Clinic for many years. I first visited following a  ski accident. But with my job, I get ongoing pain in my shoulders, which the wonderful  therapists here always sort out for me! I am also a keen runner, so they keep me supple!  The therapists at the Horsham Sports Injury Clinic are incredibly knowledgeable and  talented. I don’t know what I would do without them! I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else!

Aaron Bird

I.T. Director & Triathlete

As a part time triathlete and full time desk worker I often find myself with niggling injuries  that make it hard to remain consistent in the limited time for training I have. Horsham Sports Injury Clinic not only have helped me over come injury, but also provided the support to stay injury free for a longer period than ever before. Their hands-on approach is unlike anywhere else I have experienced and I can’t imagine training without them.