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We treat all kinds of people – from Olympic riders and national rugby players to recreational golfers, weekend warriors, inactive people and the elderly.


All our Sports Therapists are fully qualified, trained to the highest standard and members of The Society of Sports Therapists or The British Osteopathic Association.


Book an appointment with a Fully Qualified Graduate Sports Therapist or Osteopath now!

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Why Choose Us ?

The Horsham Sports Injury Clinic provides the highest level of expert treatment and sports specific rehabilitation available.

Our Focus

Our focus is not only pain relief, but to get to the route of the problem and give you a permanent solution. So if you have any musculoskeletal injuries or soreness then we can help.

One-on-One Assessments

At the Horsham Sports Injury Clinic you’ll get a one-on-one assessment from a fully qualified, experienced Graduate Sports Therapist followed by the appropriate treatment for your needs.

Injury Management and prevention

With expertise in sports injury management and prevention, each member of our team is also trained in the treatment of work related and motor vehicle accident problems such as frozen shoulder, whiplash and sciatica.

Holistic therapies

We don’t just treat injuries. For those feeling the stresses of everyday living, relaxation or deep tissue massage is a recommended option.

Services we provide

At the Horsham Sports Injury Clinic we provide a number of services to help you reach your goals and return to full fitness as quickly as possible. We can guarantee you the highest level of expert treatment available by our dedicated team of therapists.

What Our Patients Say

Our Team

We are a dynamic and diverse team of sports enthusiasts who have turned our passion into a profession. Each expert therapist is fully qualified in their field and eager to share their knowledge and experience with every patient.

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Sports Therapist
Sports Therapist
Cranial Sacral Therapist
Sports Nutritionist

Our Blog

Providing simple, practical, honest advice, on all things from injury and pain relief to rehab and nutrition. Our blog is here to help you fulfill your full potential, stay injury free and discover the latest tips and tricks from our experts.

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