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Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage has an increasing profile in sports medicine, offering benefits for all kinds of athletes, from elite swimmers, cyclists and footballers, to recreational golfers and joggers, and weekend football warriors. 

Sports massage is a deeper type of massage that works specifically with sporting injuries and ailments. Most of our clients are active people who come in for treatment to recover from injury sustained during sport. From a tennis elbow or corked thigh to a twisted ankle or shin splints, sports massage provides relief from discomfort and aids rehabilitation and recovery. If you exercise regularly sports massage can help you:

  • Recover more efficiently from heavy work-out or training sessions
  • Train harder for longer and get fitter faster without the usual injury dramas
  • Reduce annoying muscle pain and other soft-tissue injuries during training
  • Extend your athletic career
  • Achieve your best at crunch time, when it counts